UMC Sky Remote Codes

The following is a list of UMC Sky remote codes, the codes will enable you to program your Sky remote to control the Sky box and an UMC TV.

Note : If your specific model is not listed please try all the codes, we have been able to confirm some model’s and remote versions but not all.

One for All Universal Remote Codes = 1106 or 2106 (for models with DVD Player built in, the code for the DVD section of the remote is 2302)

2134 – (Generic UMC code, works on most models)

1877 – Confirmed on UMC L15/8, L19/7, L19/18

2087 – Confirmed on UMC M15/8, M19/11

1803 – Confirmed on UMC S15/4, S15/8, Q19/4, S19/4, S19/7, S20/4

2135 – Confirmed on UMC E156/13, E19/13

2196 – Confirmed on UMC L19/33, M19/15, M19/20, M19/24, M19/25, M19/53, M22/15, M22/20, M22/24, M22/25, M22/36

1642 – Confirmed on UMC S19/2

1634 – Confirmed on UMC T42/3

2193 – Confirmed on UMC D42/04

Note : UMC TV’s have been sold at Tesco stores and other online shops.