Technika Sky Remote Codes

The following is a list of Technika Sky remote codes, the codes will enable you to program your Sky remote to control the Sky box and an Technika TV.

Note : If your specific model is not listed please try all the codes, we have been able to confirm some model’s and remote versions but not all.

2134Works with most Technika models – Such as – LCD19-228 / G / W and LCD19-228GI and LCD19-240 and LED19-248 and LED19-248COM and LED19-248COMI and LED19-251 and LCD19DVDID-208 and LCD19-208 and LCD19-208W and LCD19-208E and LCD19-208WE and LCD19-220 and LED22-248 and LED22-248COM and LED22-248COMI and 22E21B-FHD and 22E21B-FHD and 22E21B-FHD/DVD and 22E21B-FHD/DVD and 22E21P-FHD/DVD and 22E21P-FHD/DVD and 22E21S-FHD/DVD and 22E21S-FHD/DVD and 22E21W-FHD/DVD and 22E21W-FHD/DVD
LCD22-228 / G / W and LCD22-228GI / WI and LCD22-208 / E and LCD22-208
LCD22-208W and LCD22-208E and LCD22-208WE and LCD23-230 and LCD23-231BB / G and LCD23-231BB GI and LCD23-231BR / G and LCD23-231BR GI and LCD23-231BG / G and LCD23-231BG GI and LCD23-231BL / G and LCD23-231BL GI
LED24-E242 and LED24-E242COM and LED24-E242COMI and 24E21B-FHD and 24E21B-FHD/DVD and 24E21W-FHD/DVD and 24E21B-HDR and 24E21B-HDR
24E21B-HDR/DVD and 24E21B-HDR/DVD and 24E21W-HDR/DVD and 24E21W-HDR/DVD and 24F22B-FHD and 24F22B-FHD/DVD and 24F22B-HD and 24F22B-HD/DVD and 24F22P-HD/DVD and 24F22W-HD/DVD and LCD26-56D and LCD26-56D-ROI and LCD26-310 and 28E21B-HDR/DVD and 28E21B-HDR/DVD and LCD32-56 and LCD32-56L and LCD32-56D and LCD32-56D-ROI and LCD32-210 and LCD32-244 and LED32-248 and LCD32-250 and LCD32-251 and LCD32-256 and LCD32-270 and LCD32-270-ROI and LCD32-277 and LCD32-310 and 32E21B-FHD and 32E21B-FHD and 32E21B-FHD/DVD and 32E21B-FHD/DVD and 32E21W-FHD/DVD and 32E21W-FHD/DVD and 32F21B-FHD and 32F21B-FHD/DVD and 32F22B-FHD and 32F22B-FHD/DVD and 32F22W-FHD/DVD and 32G22B-FHD and 32G22B-FHD/DVD and 32G22B-HD and 32G22B-HD/DVD and 39-C273 and 39E21B-FHD and LED40-248 and LED40-260 and 40-E271 and LCD40-270 and LCD40-270-ROI and LCD40-271 and 40F21B-FHD and 40F21B-FHD/DVD and 40F22B-FHD and 40F22B-FHD/DVD and 40G22B-FHD and LCD46-259 and LCD46-270 and 47-E271 and 50E21B-FHD and 50F22B-FHD and 50G22B-FHD and 55-E272

2196 – (Confirmed Technika LCD19-218 and LCD19W-219 and LCD19-408 and LCD22-218 and LCD22-308 and LCD22-408 – Please note the volume controls operate the incorrect way around. Vol+ reduces the Volume, Vol- increases the volume)

3390 – (Confirmed Technika LCD22-212i and LCD22-212S with Rev 10 remote)

1877 – (Confirmed Technika LCD22-108 with Rev 9 remote)

2087 – (Confirmed Technica LCD19DVDID-307 with Rev 9 remote)



0335 – (Confirmed for Technika LCD32-207 with Rev 6 remote)






Technika are a Tesco own brand of electronics.